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Greenan Design Group

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The technical engine behind the FLOATEEZ Brand name, Greenan Design Group, LLC has been assisting inventors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs alike for over 25 years.  We specialize in 'cradle to grave' consumer product development and production oversight.

Our group of experienced & seasoned designers, engineers and product management specialists give our clients an essential market advantage.  Greenan Design Group is proud to put the "E" in Expedite.  Our unmatched sense of urgency keeps the product in-line with buyers and on the fast track to product placement.


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Design / Engineering

Concept/Mechanical Design

Concept & Mechanical Design, FLOATEEZ Brands brings innovative products to market. Product design

We utilize the latest 3D technologies for product design, development, and testing of new concepts.  Companies and individual inventors have relied on Greenan Design Group to develop their ideas into marketable products for manufacturing. 

- Conceptual design

- New product design

- Solid modeling

- Detailing / drafting

- Patent drawings / illustrations

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Engineering & Analysis

Engineering & Analysis, FLOATEEZ Brands brings innovative products to market. Product Development

Greenan Design Group provides engineering & analysis services specializing in consumer based products.  We also bring experience from a broad range of industries including, Aerospace, Automotive, Automated Machinery, Electro-Mechanical and Medical Devices.  We utilize only the latest Computer Aided Technologies.

- Reverse engineering

- Dynamic analysis

- Thermal analysis

- Stress analysis

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Prototyping & Production

Prototyping & Production, FLOATEEZ Brands brings innovative products to market. Product development

We offer a full range of rapid prototyping and 3D printing services.  Our proto-production capabilities provide the competitive edge you need to get your products to market faster.  We offer functional prototypes to assist our clients sales & marketing teams.  Our prototype services include:

- CNC machined parts

- stereolithography (SLA)

- fused deposition modeling (FDM)

- selective laser sintering (SLS)

- RTV molding

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Patent / Trademark / Copyright


Our Intellectual Property (IP) group provides valued protection in all facets of IP Law.  We specialize in Patent, Trademark & Copyright protection.  Our IP group brings over 50 years of experience to the table while managing & guiding our clients through the often time consuming IP process.

"We are an accessible and collaborative team of professionals who leverage our diverse backgrounds in business, technology and law to examine likely outcomes and deliver informed perspectives to achieve desired results."  Jeff Hunt, IP Director

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Procurement / Placement

Product Procurement

Procurement & Placement, FLOATEEZ Brands brings innovative products to market. Product Placement

Supply chain management and product procurement is mission critical when getting your product onto retail store shelves.  We secure and acquire proven suppliers in most manufacturing and material applications.  Our vast supply chain resources, supply chain management and logistics experience ensure mistake free delivery.

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Major Retail Placement

Procurement & Placement, FLOATEEZ Brands brings innovative products to market. Product Placement

Some great products never get to market.  If you can't get the buyers attention you may never see your great idea in the market place.  Our award winning sales, marketing & media skill sets provide our clients with consumer product awareness.  We have the rolodex of brick & mortar retail buyers and on-line storefronts to get product to market.